Vancouver Wedding Photographer Tomasz Wagner

8mm wedding videography by wagner and co film

8mm Vancouver Wedding Videography
by Wagner & Co.

As the creative director of Wagner & Co. I’ve had the pleasure of amassing a small but mighty team of filmmakers who have been working alongside me since 2013. Wagner & Co. represents our love of cinema, 8mm film, and doing weddings differently for the Vancouver Wedding Videography market. Our films are all about conveying the overall energy of your wedding and striking that perfect balance of joy, sentiment, and fun. Moments, interactions, and heart wrapped up in a thoughtful and impactful Highlight film are our main focus. More than anything, we want to take you back to what your wedding day felt like.

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Some of W&CO’s Greatest Hits
8mm Vancouver Wedding Videography

Gary and Kyle

LGBTQ Wedding at Heritage Hall in Vancouver, BC

One summer’s day in Vancouver, these two grooms made it official at QE Park and treated their guests to a reception at the Heritage Hall on Main Street. It was a gathering of many notable humans in the Vancouver LGBTQ community and a party like no other.

Emma and Yianni

Polygon Gallery in North Vancouver, BC

Emma and Yianni were one of many couples who had to pivot due to the pandemic. Thankfully, they had the immense support of their wedding planner, Margaux of Filosophi, who worked tirelessly to bring the party to life. Here’s how to live it up, in spite of it all, because at the end of the day you get to celebrate with your best mates. Captured on the delightful mix of digital and 8mm film.

Marissa and Lebron

Cecil Green Park House in Vancouver, BC

The wildest wedding video we’ve ever made thanks to the brilliance of Vancouver’s finest wedding vendors breaking open their craft and letting all the goodness flow into Cecil Green Park House. Masterfully planned by the best of the best, Petite Pearl Events.

Mariko and Cam

The Salty Pear, Salt Spring Island, BC

Their story drifts in and out of time, like cherished memories that resurface through a song or a scent. On a glorious spring day on Salt Spring Island, two of the most loveliest humans you will ever meet married each other in the company of their nearest and dearest.

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