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Tomasz Wagner

Photographer & Creative Director

Hello. I’m a photographer of weddings and brilliant people in love. Although home base is Vancouver, British Columbia I'm often traveling this spinning globe with my better half, Amy. Some of my most joyful memories have been created while we've been away in the wilderness and our recent travels took us to:

Scotland, Ireland, and France / Japan / Morocco

I'm also the Creative Director of Wagner & Co. Film

I was born in Poland and remember the way the cool air felt against my face even in summer. At age five my parents and I made our way to Athens, Greece where we had the rare treat of living by the sea on a rooftop with a panoramic view. It was my first time experiencing extreme heat and outdoor pools and running around a neighbourhood in my ultra cool teal short pants. We arrived in Canada the following year and since then I haven’t stopped wanting to explore every country, climb every mountain, and make friends with every cat I meet.

I wouldn't be the human, partner, and artist I am today without Amy who is my co-pilot and supports me in her role as Studio Manager. I see the world and relationships differently because of her. She has opened up a part of my brain that lets in challenge, patience, understanding, and the most delicious food. She helps me appreciate this tiny corner we've carved out for ourselves in Vancouver and is an artist in her own right. I'm so thankful to have her by my side as we navigate this business and this life together.


My goal with every wedding I'm a part of and every couple who invites me to tell their story is not only to create beautiful and interesting photos but to create ones with a bit of soul. Photos that are cinematic, modern, and evoke a feeling. To that end I use a natural, fun, and free-flowing approach without too much direction. I want your connection with each other to come through in what I create: a collection that reflects who you are, celebrates the people most important to you, and takes you back to what it all felt like.

Read more about my approach to wedding photography.


Vancouver Wedding Videography by Wagner & Co FilmWagner & Co. Film

As the creative director of Wagner & Co. I’ve had the pleasure of amassing a small but mighty team of filmmakers who have been working alongside me since 2013. Wagner & Co. represents our love of cinema and doing weddings differently.


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