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Tomasz Wagner

Photographer & Creative Director

I’m a wedding photographer and creative director based in Vancouver, British Columbia though home is wherever I make it and some of my most joyful memories have been created while traveling the world with my better half, Amy

Our recent travels took us to:
Scotland, Ireland, and France / Japan / Morocco

I was born in Poland and remember the way the cool air felt against my face even in summer. At age six my parents and I made our way to Athens, Greece where we stayed by the sea on a rooftop with a panoramic view. It was my first time experiencing extreme heat and outdoor pools and running around a neighbourhood in my ultra cool teal short pants. We arrived in Canada the following year and since then I haven’t stopped wanting to explore every country, climb every mountain, and make friends with every cat I meet


Blending documentary and fine art approaches, I capture the in-between, organic, and emotional moments that tell the story of your wedding. As an avid traveler, I've learned to observe relationships between people and their environments everywhere I've been. Surprises, movement, and the things that make us human

I strive for nontraditional and unexpectedly beautiful images that play with light and interesting compositions. If I pose you, there's always a good reason for it. But what's most important to me is the connection between you both. The small moments and interactions that often go unnoticed, the ones that say a lot about who you are as a couple and as individuals

People who work with me trust my vision and feel something when they look at my images. They're also keen on working with someone who's a thoughtful observer. I'm a companion they can be open with before the wedding happens, as it unfolds, and long after the dancing winds down for the night. Before all of this happens, however, I want to know about you and your stories

This is how I convey a creative and honest portrait of who you are. Images that are artful, intentional, and playful. A story that will mean a great deal to you long after your wedding day


I'm fortunate to work with a talented group of artists who make up the cinema team. If I'm not already booked to photograph a wedding, I will be your cinematographer. Otherwise, you'll be working with one of my trusted team members. Editing is done by Alexander Farah, who I've been collaborating with for 4+ years

We're constantly exploring the boundaries of our craft and what it means to capture a mood, to create artistic compositions, and to incorporate stylistic storytelling. We love energy, connection, movement, and your brilliant dance moves. We aim to surprise and delight you with a short film that you'll watch on repeat and hope you'll invite us to join you for the ride

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Rangefinder Magazine, 2015
Rising Star of Wedding Photography

Weddingbells, 2015 + 2017
Most Inspiring Canadian Wedding Photographer

Canada Photo Convention, 2014
Top 30 Under 30 Canadian Wedding Photographer

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