Best of Wedding Photography 2019

the world

Busy as we were, the motions of working for ourselves and in service to others, seemed to take on more warmth this year. Maybe it was because we were dealing with the challenges of having switched homes, of various health issues, of accepting loss and adapting to a new rhythm, of having a business that can be both gratifying and overwhelming at times. The kindness of the humans whose love we got to celebrate felt like a never ending stream of hugs and encouragement from old friends—and a boost of energy (not unlike a triple shot of espresso) when things got rough and we had a plane to catch or a deadline to meet.

As always, we found ourselves thinking: how wild to be invited into people's lives and being asked to tell this part of their story. How fortunate to be doing this in our own way and creating something: a practice, a job, a business, a life where we've allowed ourselves to consider every detail, moment, and opportunity to connect with people who lead with their hearts.

Reminding them of how lovely they are is as special now as it had always been when we first started.

So, thank you, 2019, and everyone who got to be a part of ours.

We're so excited for the new decade.


Tomasz & Amy