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Bombo Quarry Pre Wedding Session

We departed from Sydney for a quick two day road trip that would take us along the NSW South Coast through Bombo Quarry, Cathedral Rocks, and Kangaroo Valley. Creating photos during this time in their live was especially meaningful, with their excitement for their wedding (about 9 days away) at an all time high. I wanted their photos to transport them not only to the moments they would experience together while braving winds, waves, and slippery stones, but also to a time where their connection would deepen—out in the wilderness, with the great expanse between them.

They showed me that connection isn’t always about the deep embraces or the wide smiles. That love can be subtle and understated and can look something like this: foraging to bring a bit of the country to their wedding day; scrambling over rocks while being hit by ocean spray at Bombo Quarry; slowing down and taking in the glorious corner of the world that is Kangaroo Valley as it stretched before them; playing in the gentle rolling fog; pushing and pulling around the jagged cliffs around the Cathedral Rocks; and resting in the softness of hidden cave light.

I don’t normally shoot film in these types of situations but it was hard to resist using my Hasselblad XPAN in all of the places we experienced together (all 24×65 panoramic photos). The format was also instrumental in how I wanted to explore their connection. But for all this technical stuff, my photography wouldn’t be anything without the humans who choose to be a part of it. Much love to Britt & Jono both for embracing it all (Jono’s also a wedding photographer and you can check out his outstanding work here: Jonathan David Photography)

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If you’re interested in booking Tomasz as your pre-wedding photographer: SAY HELLO

Bombo Quarry Pre Wedding Photography by Tomasz Wagner
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