Sonya & Kevin

You will get no complaints from us if you want to spend 99.5% of your wedding day dancing and having the best time of your lives. This is what happened at the Capilano Golf and Country Club.


Capilano Golf and Country Club may have been the wedding venue of their dreams.

Enter: Sonja, Kevin, their friends, and their family who let the fun and heartfelt moments roam free while we traveled through North and West Vancouver one Friday in July. It's always an interesting challenge figuring out how much we should hang back as documentary style cinematographers vs directly engaging with people when there are opportunities to do so. Thankfully, we're often able to achieve both without 1) intimidating people and making them feel brutally uncomfortable in front of the camera, and 2) being that cinematographer who makes the photographer's life just a bit more difficult. With our films, we ultimately want to take you through the moments and feelings that get wrapped up in one incredible day, whether it's at the Capilano Golf and Country Club or anywhere else you happen to land. And if it happens to be a whirlwind (ahem, wildfire) of emotions, well, it can look a little something like this.

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