creative vancouver wedding videography

Marissa & Lebron

This is different, even for us. This probably isn't what comes to mind when you think: oh, another wedding film. And we're okay with that.


You might see flashes of another life or scenes from a place you remember from your dreams. You might not know what to make of this until after a few plays. You might not know what you stepped into when you watch this wedding video. We can explain it in words, which we’ll do below, but you can also see what happens when you hit that play button and see love come to life.

This may or may not have happened during our last wedding of 2017: a rave inside UBC's Cecil Green Park House. Rolling up in a Rolls. Cheeky personal touches in everything from signage to personal soundtracks. Walking down the aisle with your proud grandma. A bride and her stand-up comedy routine and a mic drop. The best smile we’ve ever seen from a groom about to make the best decision of his life. Dance moves we’re not worthy of documenting.

The brilliance of Vancouver’s finest wedding vendors breaking open their craft and letting all the goodness flow into Cecil Green Park House. Moments of tenderness and mayhem wrapped up in a love for each other and the people who'll party with them for the rest of their days.

You’re too damn cool for us, Marissa and Lebron. Over and out.

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