two leather bound wedding albums

The feel and weight to them. The way paper texture affects colour and shadow. There's a magic to prints that elevates an image and I wholeheartedly believe a photograph isn't a photograph until it's been printed. Let's talk about figuring out the best expression of your memories: archival quality heirlooms received with open hands across families, generations.

stack of custom fine art albums designed by tomasz wagner
pages of an heirloom fine art album
interior spread of an heirloom album



Storytelling is the most important part of our book design service and it begins with your photos. As your photographer, Tomasz has a keen eye for the moments and people who are part of the story of your wedding day. As your book designer, Amy works closely with Tomasz to weave together his expertise in storytelling with her design savvy to create a fine art book you'll love for the years to come.

That said, we see this as a collaborative process and want your input on photos and your cover design. When we provide you with your book drafts, you can choose to swap out as many photos as you like. We'll do this over two rounds of design revisions until we get everything right. We'll also ask for your thoughts on what you want your cover to look like, including choosing from a variety of materials, debossing, and styles.

Ultimately, our goal is to do the heavy lifting of thoughtfully designing a fine art book for you. Because we know the truth of it: we all get busy, we all say we'll get around to printing our photos, but life happens and photos fall further down the list of priorities. Let us do the hard work for you! From the time you place an order with us, we hope to show you your incredible wedding book within 6 weeks. We do ask that you keep in regular contact with us so that we can complete your project within a reasonable time. We may charge a design fee if we need to revisit your project after 4 months of inactivity.

Can I order duplicate books for my parents?

Yes! These parent books will contain the same features (overall design, photos, cover material, debossing) as your main book and come in two sizes: 8×8 and 8×10 inches. These will be shipped in the same order as your main book and a discount is offered when you purchase multiple copies.

Let's talk materials and debossing.

One of our favourite parts of this process. Our book supplier provides the best materials on the market and we've curated a beautiful selection for you to choose from.

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How do I place an order?

  • Archival fine art paper with a matte (non-glossy) finish
  • Photos are optimized for print by Tomasz Wagner to ensure accurate colours
  • All images are printed with a border, proportional to the print size chosen, unless otherwise specified