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What excites you most about your wedding in Denmark? Let’s start a conversation about that. I’m a destination wedding photographer with a passion for adventure and storytelling

At this point, you’re likely in your early stages of wedding planning: locking down a date and looking at location options in Denmark. Perhaps you’re sitting down with your notebook, an inspiration board, and a list of ways you’d like to make your wedding memorable for you both and any guests you’ve decided to invite

I travel for about half of the weddings I photograph every year and always enjoy being inspired by environments close to—and far away from—home. I’d love to document your elopement or wedding in Denmark or elsewhere in Europe

Have a look through my portfolio, tell me a bit about your plans, and let’s see if I’m the right photographer for the job. I tell stories and create photographs that feel as natural as possible to showcase you and the place you’ve decided to get married

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