Vancouver Wedding Photographer Tomasz Wagner

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Sarah & Brandon

I have followed Tomasz for years and he was always my dream photographer. So talented, creative, artistic and editorial in his art. I did not want posed, classic wedding photos but authentic snapshots of us caught in the most special moment in time. Tomasz delivered, big time. He made our NYC wedding a dream come true, cannot speak highly enough of him!

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Ally & Mike

We hired Tomasz to be our wedding photographer this past summer (2022). Simply put… He was amazing!!

Tomasz traveled to our wedding location a day prior and came to our rehearsal dinner/evening, not to work, but to specifically spend time with us, our family, and our friends. A couple cocktails later and you could have mistaken him for being a part of the family. He went above and beyond us hiring him for just our wedding day. His commitment to getting to know everyone really paid off on the actual wedding day as everyone was so comfortable around him so his candid shots turned out 10x better than what we could have hoped for.

On the wedding day, neither my wife or I are big on posing for photos. Tomasz was overly friendly, a really great coach, and was very patient. His eye for locations and positioning were something my wife and I didn’t think too much about until we saw the photos. It’s safe to say at all points of the day he knew exactly what he was going for.

I am not a big “reviewer” of services but we were so happy with the overall experience we received from Tomasz that sharing my experience was a no brainer. Thank you Tomasz for taking the time to get to know my wife and I, our family and friends, and giving us lasting images for us to remember our wedding day!

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Della & Andrew

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We had Tomasz and his team for our 3-day wedding vacation doing both photography and videography, and once we saw the results, this is part of what I sent to him afterwards:

“…Among all of our vendors, you were the easiest choice and the only one we never hesitated/disagreed to hire regardless of the costs, and now reviewing after the wedding, the one we are most sure of that we chose exceptionally. Your attention to detail and quality is the best we’ve seen, and we hope to see you at my family and friends’ weddings in the future :)”

The photos and videos (especially the highlights) came out so good that a number of my colleagues/friends who didn’t attend said they’ve never seen that level of quality/creativity for a wedding. To sum it up, they exceeded even our high expectations.

Chloe & Zechy

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Having Tomasz for our wedding was absolutely the best decision we made. We were very moved and delighted when we saw Tomasz’s photos. Each image goes beyond documentation and captures the essence of the people we cared so much about. As a whole, the photos are cinematic and wonderfully preserves how the wedding feels. Tomasz has a unique ability to see what others don’t. This is also why Tomasz can tell a story using the most unexpected and candid moments – the reflection on a window, a dog that came into the frame by accident, a close up of a hand. On the big day itself, Tomasz also managed to magically blend in with family and friends. He put everyone at ease so that we could be our most natural selves. This led to great fun, trust, and the most joyful experience. Ultimately, the work speaks for itself – high quality, original, and truly authentic. All in all, we cannot recommend Tomasz enough!

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Molly & Chris

Working with Tomasz was such a pleasure from start to finish. He was so generous with his time and keen to chat with us before the wedding in order to get to know us, he was friendly and always professional. On the day he was such a calming and lovely presence to have around, and we knew exactly what to expect. He managed to capture the most amazing moments for us and our jaws were on the floor when we got our photos… they are each exquisite little gems that we will visit for years to come. Our photo prints that we ordered came in the most beautiful packaging and we were so happy with the final result. Everything that Tomasz touches is artful, considered, and done with love.

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Erin & Rex

Tomasz’s service is full of empathy, care, and professionalism. We almost missed Tomasz due to his busy schedule. But after a short call with him, he said yes with my crazy ideas. “Simplicity, white space, experimenting, something tacit and abstract, double exposure, unique layout…” My expectations might frighten a bunch of photographers. However, Tomasz blew my mind with his fantastic delivery at the end. His work demonstrates infinite whimsical and vivid elements, also the delightfulness of the moment, the humanity of the moment. We recently received our wedding album from Tomasz as our anniversary gift. It is a masterpiece with warm handwriting, perfect packaging, and the perfections to the details as always. In a word, you will be amazed if you have Tomasz as your wedding photographer.

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