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Peace Arch Park Wedding

Committed to each other and the celebration they planned to have this year, Imderdeep & Karm, opted for a cross-border Peace Arch Park wedding in Surrey, BC.

Despite the hurdles of planning an event during a pandemic, these two dreamt up a slightly unconventional, more intimate version of their Sikh wedding that could accommodate both sides of the family, both Canadian and American. Their creative solution was absolutely perfect.
To officially arrive at Peace Arch Park from the Canadian side, we crossed a small section of land off 0 Ave. I’d known that many others before us had used this location to meet with their cross-border family and friends. I didn’t imagine I’d be doing the same until Imderdeep & Karm proposed the idea which would allow them to get married this year. It was brilliant and exciting. As their wedding photographer, the creative challenge for me here was having to work within the park entirely, without the flexibility of being able to use different portrait locations. So, I opted for something new: a small studio setup with lights and a backdrop set against the trees and dappled light. We played, we enjoyed calmer moments, and we celebrated the joining of two families against all odds during a pandemic. We gathered safely and lovingly, driven by the warmth and love Imderdeep & Karm express at every turn.

Thanks so much, dear friends.

Absolutely magical. There are no other words to describe how amazing Tomasz was to work with as a person and how amazing his art truly is. He was so unbelievably accommodating (we had a crazy covid wedding that was rescheduled one too many times), extremely patient with us, so positive during the entire process and just remarkable in all aspects. You honestly cant have anyone else that brings so much calmness and positivity to your event. He has a very special perspective and his ideas and vision once brought to life through the camera, are simply unreal. My husband and I are not fans of the camera and therefore the first thing we told Tomasz when we chatted was we cannot pose and smile for the camera, we want images that capture the emotions and the realness of our wedding, and that is exactly what we got. His images are simple, raw, all-encompassing, aesthetically stunning and just magical. Tomasz truly works wonders with his unique eye. If ever given the chance to work with him again, I would in a heartbeat!

—Imderdeep in her Google Review

Venue: Peace Arch Park
Location: Surrey, BC

Peace Arch Park Wedding Photography by Tomasz Wagner
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