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Rangefinder Magazine 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2015

This feels familiar and also not. You might remember when I mentioned Rangefinder’s 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography list this time last year. That I had been invited to submit my top wedding images but ultimately didn’t make the cut. How the decision knocked me into a small fog of doubt about my work and how friends, photographer and non-photographer alike, helped to set my thoughts straight again and I set out to continue what I love and do best. With a little more encouragement in my pocket and maybe some extra fire in my step. Plus, several of my friends had made the list and that was exciting and worth celebrating

An email inbox is such an odd world of opportunities and grievances. Being nominated for this year’s Rangefinder Magazine​ 30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography was the furthest thing from my mind, especially when I was nominated last year and didn’t make the cut

So when I was notified about one month ago that I had made the final list this time around, I’m sure I felt everything from confusion to excitement to doubt to pride to joy on repeat. Today I’m feeling these things all over again recognizing and admiring all of the other talented photographers I get to share this honour with. I’m happy to call many of them friends and it’s tough to have to give all of them a virtual hug. I wish we could be together to celebrate this

I do need to stop myself here though because this isn’t all about me. This pursuit for perfection is coupled. These accolades are very much yours as they are mine. I know you might disagree but if I could I would break it in half like some geode to be seen, I’d want you to know that it’s true. Your measure of talent, hard work, support, and heart has made this all a reality. You’ve provided unconditional support and for that I am grateful for your wisdom and kindness. Amy, thank you for coming on board two years ago and becoming my business partner and for even longer than that, my best friend and love

Every moment that has happened, every decision I’ve followed through with, and every mistake I’ve made has brought me to this point in my life. I’m especially grateful to the people who make up my world. From the wedding colleagues and industry folks who nominated and selected me for this list; to the friends and many others I don’t yet know who blindside me with their kindness; to the clients who allow me to photograph them here in Vancouver and to far flung places around the world. Thank you

The images below are the ones I submitted for consideration by the judges

I’m super humbled to be on this list with so many great photographers and friends

Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars
Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars
Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars
Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars
Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars
Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars
Rangefinder Magazine 30 Rising Stars
Isle of Skye Elopement
Rangefinder Magazine 30 Rising Stars
Amsterdam Destination Wedding
Sunwolf Squamish Wedding
Rangefinder Magazine 30 Rising Stars
Sunwolf Squamish Weddings
Seaside Tofino Elopement
Adventurous Elopement at Loch Coruisk
Intimate Weddings Ucluelet
Chateau de L Artigolle Weddings
Tofino Elopement Photographer
Dromoland Castle Weddings
Salt Spring Island Weddings
Destination France Wedding Photography
Rangefinder 30 Rising Stars
Bodega Ridge Weddings
Destination Morocco Weddings
Rangefinders 30 Rising Stars
South of France Destination Wedding
Rangefinders 30 Rising Stars
Destination Amsterdam Canal Weddings
Black Rock Resort Ucluelet Weddings

Wedding Photography by Tomasz Wagner
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  1. Dana: Hey Tomasz, it's Dana (Nadia's second shooter on Lummi island :)) Just want to say, congratulations!! and what lovely words you shared. I love and admire your work, especially your black and white, and I couldn't believe you shot Brittany Esther's wedding! (I am also a fan of hers). These images are beautiful and emotional. Well deserved! Dana — Wednesday, October 21st, 2015
  2. Teri: gorgeous work as always! I look forward to having you photography us again :D (hopefully next year!!!) — Wednesday, October 21st, 2015
  3. Sachin Khona: Bravo brother. Keep makin magic. — Saturday, October 24th, 2015
  4. Eric Rene Penoy: Just amazing selection, perfect on every point. — Saturday, October 24th, 2015
  5. Jack Chauvel: All beautiful images mate, you definitely deserved to make the list :) — Sunday, October 25th, 2015
  6. Zalmy: congrats man! Seriously well deserved. Your images have a wonderful calmness to them with a nice side of wildness. Like a really good bourbon :) — Sunday, October 25th, 2015

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