wedding couple being photographed outside vancouver art gallery using direct flash

Theirs was my first local Vancouver wedding of the year and damn was it a memorable one.

We took to the rooftop at the Fairmont Vancouver for their first look, enjoyed the stately atmosphere of the stone steps and columns indoors, and enjoyed some rare sunlight in February. As the light popped and peeked through the windows at the Settlement Building, we witnessed the most beautiful and touching entrance by Alaina and her father. We looked on in awe at the incredible floral installation by the madly talented Carl Ostberg and Hanaki Floral, as we absorbed every bit of love emanating from the two beautiful humans standing in front of it. We threw petals, wiped away tears, and enjoyed togetherness in this historic space.

After the ceremony, we visited a favourite bar of theirs, and they kissed and enjoyed drinks by lamp light at Per Se Social Corner. The space they held for each other and these moments couldn't have been more them. Needless to say, I encourage all of you married-to-be / engaged folx to do whatever feels right to you on your wedding day just like Alaina & Nasser here.

From the incredible talents of Vancouver's finest wedding vendors gracing the Settlement Building with their artistry and expertise to these two lovers giving it their all. It felt so good to be back in the saddle and learning my wedding photography skills hadn't gotten too rusty after the forced hiatus that was 2020-21. We made it and we're here and I couldn't be more thankful for Alaina & Nasser's friendship.