Describe your approach when filming weddings on 8mm film

Documentary, fly on the wall type of coverage, with moments of interaction and cheekiness when the situation allows for it. Couples enjoy this approach because of our ability to capture sincere moments, unguarded expressions, and the details that will matter long after all is said and done. We don't make your day into a production. Instead, we're most interested in blending in and being treated like another wedding guest—who just so happens to have an interesting camera and knows how to use it well. Our documentation focuses on you, the community you've invited, the details that provide context, and the overall setting of your wedding day.

What does this service include?

  • 1 Wagner & Co. Videographer
  • 9 hours of wedding day coverage
  • Personalized client home page for easy viewing
  • Multiple downloadable formats: archival, web, and social versions
  • Collection of stills to enjoy and share

How are songs selected?

Once the 8mm film is shipped back from the lab and we've had an opportunity to review it, we will curate a short list of tracks we believe would work best. From this list, we'll ask you to select 1 to 4 tracks that you love most. This short list is based on:
  • Music that can be purchased and licensed via a music library
  • The overall pacing and feel of your wedding day
    • If your day is full of events, people, dancing, and an overall energetic vibe, your music will most likely reflect this by being uplifting, fast-paced, and fun. If your day is more relaxed and intimate, your music will most likely be sweeter, slower-paced, and a touch more romantic.

Do you incorporate voice-over audio?

Most of our videos do not have voice-overs. We love cinema's ability to convey mood and emotion without the need for dialogue and that's especially true with Super 8mm.

That said, if recording audio is a priority for you, we offer traditional video coverage of your Ceremony and Speeches using digital footage and professionally recorded audio. This can be purchased as an add-on.

What is your delivery time?

Up to 16 weeks (4 months), especially since a lab needs to be involved in the development and scanning of the 8mm film before we get to the curating and editing parts of this process!

How do we book?

8MM FEATURE films are limited to 5 bookings per year and can be purchased with or without a Photography Collection. One of my mega talented videographers from Wagner & Co. will be filming your big day.

Use my contact form to get the ball rolling. A signed contract and non-refundable retainer (50%) are required to book this service.

What if I want something more stylized and energetic?

Wagner & Co.'s signature HIGHLIGHT wedding videos are all about striking that perfect balance of joy, sentiment, and fun—in a snappier and more stylized way. These videos are shorter, edited very differently, and use a blend of digital and 8mm film (or simply digital footage). Watch our examples below.

One summer's day in Vancouver, these two grooms made it official at QE Park and treated their guests to a reception at the Heritage Hall on Main Street. It was a gathering of many notable humans in the Vancouver LGBTQ community and a party like no other.

Emma and Yianni were one of many couples who had to pivot due to the pandemic. Thankfully, they had the immense support of their wedding planner, Margaux of Filosophi, who worked tirelessly to bring the party to life. Here's how to live it up, in spite of it all, because at the end of the day you get to celebrate with your best mates. Captured on the delightful mix of digital and 8mm film.

Their Sikh fusion wedding had us taking in the majestic sights of Riverlands Equestrian and the always exceptional Audain Art Museum. No matter how many times we've visited this part of our backyard, we're constantly reminded of how incredible it is to have access to a gorgeous meadow and a modern architectural wonder within a few hours of Vancouver.

Their story drifts in and out of time, like cherished memories that resurface through a song or a scent. On a glorious spring day on Salt Spring Island, two of the most loveliest humans you will ever meet married each other in the company of their nearest and dearest.