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UBC Botanical Garden Wedding

A preview of Victoria & Joseph’s intimate UBC Botanical Garden wedding one rainy Friday in Vancouver. When all is said and done, what will you value most about your wedding day? As these two kind humans so perfectly put it in their first email to me: “This wedding is about celebrating our lives together with the people we love, without ornamentation or camp.” Over the years, I’ve learned not to chase what this industry and the wedding blogs deem important. Victoria & Joseph’s small, quick, but entirely meaningful wedding affirms what I’ve known all along and what has grown in importance as, year after year, I get to witness and photograph love, connection, and togetherness in all the ways that matter.

They were married under the covered arbour at UBC Botanical Garden with 30 of their nearest and dearest from Vancouver and those who could make it from the UK. While rain can always add a small layer of complication to any wedding day, it also adds a richness to colours and a mood that asks us to get closer, even as we’re exploring a cactus greenhouse. Moments later, we found ourselves in a place quite special to Victoria’s family: Vancouver’s Chinatown and what better way to round out the wedding day than to enjoy dinner in an underground parlour at Sai Woo (the Woo Bar), with the neon rooster sign outside to invite you in.

We chose UBC Botanical Garden because it was where [we’d] spend [our] first dates. We love the garden and seeing the different varieties of plants throughout the seasons. We have a garden of our own and dream of all the plants we wish we had space for.

We are going for a very simple, intimate ceremony. We are just so excited to be married and our ceremony will not have excess flourishes to distract from the true meaning of our day. There will be 30 people at the ceremony and [Vicky’s] brother will be playing the cello as we walk down the aisle. We want our ceremony to feel rustic and simple, with small, wildflower bouquets and very little decorations.

The most important aspect of our wedding day is that we get to express how we feel in front of our loved ones, hopefully without being a crying mess. We want our photographs to feel unique and cinematic. We look forward to walking through the wild part of the gardens and cactus greenhouse for candid photo opportunities. Most of all we do not want to have too many “posed” moments. Even if the ceremony is not documented perfectly, all that matters is that we were there to remember it.

— Victoria & Joseph

Ceremony Venue: UBC Botanical Garden
Reception Venue: Sai Woo
Location: Vancouver, BC
Floral: The Wild Bunch

hanging red vines on arbour at ubc botanical garden
ubc botanical garden administration building
rain on arbour leaves
silhouette of cello player at ubc botanical garden
portrait of cello player at ubc botanical garden wedding

guests waiting for wedding ceremony to begin at ubc botanical garden
photo of groom laughing at ubc botanical garden
silhouette photo of maid of honour framed by arbour leaves
bride walking through arbour with father and mother at ubc botanical garden
bride kissing mother before seeing groom
detail of dresses and hands during ubc botanical garden wedding ceremony
two women walking down aisle under arbour at ubc botanical garden wedding
emotional groom sees bride for the first time

happy bride and groom during wedding ceremony at ubc botanical garden

orange marigolds and chinese lanterns wedding aisle markers
creative diptych of bride and groom during ceremony
intimate wedding ceremony underneath arbour at ubc botanical garden
first kiss as bride and groom at ubc botanical garden weding
getting married at ubc botanical garden

photo of cello musician at intimate wedding ceremony in vancouver
ubc botanical garden unplugged wedding ceremony without cellphones
intimate weddings at ubc botanical garden
bride and groom framed by a natural green arbour at ubc botanical garden

fall colours at ubc botanical garden in late september, bride with natural bouquet
rain on your wedding day in vancouver
creative double exposure photo of bride and groom at ubc botanical garden
casual wedding photos of bride and groom in the rain
groom holding clear umbrella while bride wears wool coat
cinematic photo of groom throwing umbrella towards camera
red leaves form perfect backdrop for wedding photos at ubc botanical garden
bride and groom standing outside arbour at ubc botanical garden
best garden venues for intimate weddings in vancouver
bride wearing beige wool coat and groom wearing tailored navy suit and watch chain
fun wedding photos with stylish bride and groom
wedding portraits inside greenhouse at ubc botanical garden
wild and natural bouquet styled with cacti
wedding photos at ubc botanical garden desert plants greenhouse
best photo locations at ubc featuring ubc botanical garden greenhouse
artistic double exposure photo of bride wearing beaded dress in greenhouse
bride with tattoo by famous fashion artist
vintage chinese herbal medicine sign at sai woo vancouver in chinatown
underground parlour woo bar at sai woo vancouver available for event rentals
photo of bride's father in mirror at sai woo vancouver
wong kar wai inspired photos of bride and groom at intimate wedding reception at sai woo vancouver
bride and groom under original neon rooster sign at sai woo vancouver

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UBC Botanical Garden Wedding Photography by Tomasz Wagner
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