When Diane & Justin's email landed in my inbox, I truly didn't know how much I would come to love these two. Diane is a video producer for TIME and according to her, Justin has a great eye and classic taste that she's been very excited to see blossom over the past five years of their relationship. When they inquired, they didn't know their perfect wedding venue would be the Walt Disney Concert Hall nor were they even certain of their date. They simply wanted to get the ball rolling and when this is how they described my wedding photography, well, I had to take several moments to come down off my excitement before responding:

You have such a unique eye and daringness to push the boundaries of what wedding photography should look like. With many other photographers, I can tell they are settling into a rhythm of the same type of photos, but your work constantly surprises and amazes me. The art element, the film-like quality, the amount of effort you put into collaborating with the couples. It's incredible to me how you marry such an artistic style with the documentary grasp of moments and emotions. —Diane & Justin