Bodega Ridge Wedding

galiano island, bc

Venue: Bodega Ridge
Planner: Smitten Events
Floral: Gossip Floral
Stationary: Jrnl Studio
Decor: Bespoke Decor, Spectra Event Group

I loved being a part of it and resonated with what M&B had to share about not wanting a typical wedding aesthetic but an opportunity to celebrate their marriage, blend their families, and showing all their guests a good time while at Bodega Ridge.

"Having each other has allowed us to explore the world in ways we wouldn't have otherwise. From Brent taking Marina on 5-hour long hikes, and introducing her to the joys of boating to Marina dragging Brent to warehouse raves and around museums in Europe, we just have so much fun together no matter where we are."

Bodega Ridge: an exceptional venue for a multi day summer getaway blended with wedding plans for all your favourite humans

Lavender and wooden cabins and arbutus trees greeted us at Bodega Ridge, as did the wonderful staff led by Jesse Keefer and the hospitality cranked up to 11 during the welcome BBQ and throughout the wedding weekend. Amongst all these details, contrasting and complimenting, were the pieces of their wedding day orchestrated by the incomparable Francesca of Smitten Events and thoughtfully chosen by Marina & Brent: minimalist signage designed by Jrnl Studio, florals picked and masterfully assembled by Gossip Floral, and furniture, charger plates, and the smallest by mightiest of details by Vancouver's finest wedding vendors. And in all of that were the friends and family brought together by these lovers, and the moments of laughter, tears, stories, and cheers. We walked through grassy fields, along the coast and into hidden coves, and sneaked some photographs by a solo tree as the sun set. It was a perfect summer wedding in the Gulf Islands, at Bodega Ridge, and on our beautiful coast.

"We have a feeling that our wedding day will be a bit of a whirlwind and we won't have time to take in all that much. We'd love to have a capsule that summarizes the highlights of the day, and also captures moments among our guests that we might not have gotten to see ourselves. We'd also like to capture the details like the location, decor, florals, and set up before everyone arrives because I don't think we will have a chance to stop and enjoy what we've been working hard on planning these last 12 months. One of the reasons we asked you to be our photographer is that we loved your unique cinematic style; we would love to see this in action." — M&B