Vancouver Wedding Photographer Tomasz Wagner

Race & Religious New Orleans Wedding / Super 8mm Film

Chloë & Alex


Our first visit to New Orleans couldn’t have been more memorable. When you have a venue as glorious as Race & Religious and the easy-going, fun-loving, and best dressed duo of Chloë & Alex to welcome you to their true to form New Orleans wedding, you count your lucky stars and kiss your Super 8mm camera you get to be a part of something as special as this. Doing weddings right in NOLA and working with the best of the best including our pal, photographer Katch Silva, second line visionaries Kinfolk Brass Band, rock n roll and horn-powered R&B legends Bucktown All-Stars, and of course the exceptional team at Race & Religious certainly didn’t hurt either

The vision for their wedding reflected a lot of the same things we value in our own work and process: the relaxed and sophisticated, easy going vibes, authenticity, the well designed and curated, non-traditional, fun!, and celebrating people especially those from all corners of the planet. So, when the day arrived, hit us with its frenzied and beautiful energy, and then ended in a storm of sparklers and poolside kisses, we knew without even having seen the footage that we were going to love Chloë & Alex’s highlight film. Because we love their personalities, the personalities of their friends and family, and the way they masterfully planned a New Orleans wedding party that would be remembered for years to come. A celebration that was perfectly ‘them’ because of all the people that were there

Venue: Race & Religious in New Orleans, Louisiana

Editor: Alexander Farah / Cinematographer: Lu Zhang / Colourist: Tomasz Wagner / Custom Type: Alicia Carvalho / Music: Goldford / Cameras: Digital Bolex, 5D3, 814XL-S

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New Orleans Wedding Cinematography by Tomasz Wagner Photo & Films