Alaa & Issam's Saudi Arabian and Yemeni cultural mashup wedding had me jet-setting to Morocco, a place where scents, sounds, and sights don't ever leave you. Their wedding took place at the incredible Beldi Country Club and was orchestrated by Marrakech Magic Makers, Boutique Souk. This would be my second visit, my first time being over 3 years ago. Needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled to return.

Supported by brilliant second shooter, Tim Millen, we had no shortage of moments and details to document. From the colourful characters we met to all of the fine details selected by Alaa, Issam, and their planners from Boutique Souk, this was a wedding filled with personality, thoughtful details, and style to the nines. Among them were the wildflowers, hand-woven rugs, traditional Amaria thrones, musicians, and dancers. And don't get me started on the food! The settings (Hotel Selman and Beldi Country Club) with their halls of intricate tile work and hospitality for days certainly didn't hurt either. Neither was the delightful company we got to keep and the new friends we made.

Huge thanks to the incredible Rosena and her planners at Boutique Souk for orchestrating one masterpiece of a celebration. And of course, hugs and fist bumps to Alaa & Issam not only for inviting me to one of their favourite parts of the world, but for throwing such a magical and festive party. You two are something else.